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Thailand Driving License Online Test

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    Roman, developer

    You can buy me a beer if this website helped you ;-)

    I made this test from the documents with questions and answers that I got from the web. These questions aren’t the same you’ll see on the exam but similar and people who've passed the exam told me that this is enough to prepare.

    There were mistakes in original documents but I left them as is not to be misleading. You can download the documents the test is based on using the links at the top.

    On the real exam there will be 50 questions instead of 90. 5 errors are allowed. If you don't pass at the first attempt, you'll be able to try the next day.

    Feel free to ask me questions! Unfortunately, I can't help you with questions about the rules of driving, because I haven't passed an exam myself before leaving Thailand :-)

    Website was made in 2016, updated in 2018. Tell your friends who want to get a driving license in Thailand about this website:

    P. S. To sign up for the test, you will need a copy of your passport with visa, residence certificate or a copy of your work permit, and medical report for driving license from any hospital.

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